We’re A Best Seller On The Unity Asset Store

We believe that actions speak louder than words when it comes to the quality of what we make for game developers.  One way of doing that is to look at how much we sell in some of the world’s leading asset stores; it gives you a good indication of the reputation we now have, and why we enjoy that status.   

Here’s a great example. Over the past few years, we have created some of the best selling asset packs on the Unity asset store. It’s cool to think that Synty Studios is now widely recognised as a leading Unity asset store publisher. Unity themselves recently published a lengthy piece about us. In the article, Unity spoke to the team behind Synty Studios and wrote about our new products, like the new fantasy kingdoms and upcoming sci-fi worlds we are adding to our massive repertoire of low-poly assets. This includes our Dungeon Realms - even though it is hot off the press, it is already garnering five-star reviews. 

The reviews we get from game developers are yet another way we grow our reputation without talking ourselves up. We encourage you to read before you buy as these reviews are independent, impartial and authentic. They’re written by people who have the exact same interest as you and for that reason, you will get a fantastic expert analysis of the pack you’re considering.  

While our products speak for themselves, and the game developers who buy our packs are happy to sing their praises as well, we should tell you a little more about what we do. After all, we want our assets to be in your games. 

Synty currently has over 80 art packs covering themes like City, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and many more. No matter what theme you want to bring to life, we have the packs to get you started! Our New Zealand based team consists of dedicated artists with backgrounds in the film and games industry, and they have given us a global reputation as a leading Unity & Unreal 3D asset publisher. We’re known for making super cool and stylized art packs for game developers, but they remain easy to use, are great for beginners, and fun for prototypes and game jams. We want to help you make your game as good as it can be, so if you need our advice, contact us at any time. 

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