Frequently Asked Questions

Synty Store Questions

How do I download my purchased assets?

You can download your files on your My Account page.

There is a "My downloadable files" button, this now holds all the packs you own.

Let us know if you have any issues

How will I receive updates to the assets?

We update our assets regularly with bug fixes, you will receive an email notifying you of any changes to the assets you have purchased.

Will I receive an Asset Store / Marketplace voucher if I purchase from the store?

We cannot provide vouchers for other stores as they are independent stores

Can I get are refund?

Due to the nature of digital products, we generally can’t offer refunds.

Please contact us at if you have an issue with a product

When does the Synty Store have sales?

We generally have sales throughout the year.

Follow us on Facebook for news and updates 

Can I transfer my assets from another store to the Synty Store?

Due to legal reasons and we can no longer transfer assets. But the Synty Store regularly has sales so keep an eye on our Facebook page at for news and updates

Can I buy individual assets from a pack?

Due to the nature of our asset packs we cannot split them into individual assets

Do you have discounts for Education?

We don't offer any educational discounts or licenses at this stage, you will need to buy a copy of the license per student. We do have free assets available for download that may be used. 

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General Questions

Do you do paid contract/custom work?

Unfortunately due to the high cost involved for the team, we don't typically do contract/custom work as we are focused on asset packs

Can I use these assets for commercial games?

Yes you can use these assets for your commercial compiled game.

​Please double check the EULA document. I've provided the links below -

Unity Asset Store

Unreal marketplace

Synty Store

Custom License for Metaverse?

Creation of content for Metaverse-related projects and products is prohibited:

 As a Metaverse Owner you can not create software that allows a user to create a project (e.g. a game) for other users to experience. You must have a custom license to distribute our assets to users in the platform.

 Some examples of software would include platforms like Roblox, Second Life, VRChat. 

 As a Metaverse user of an existing Game creation software you can use your licenced assets to create a project for other users to experience as long as they remain under your direct control and are not sublicensed in any way. 

 For example as a player of VR Chat you are able to make a world for other players to visit but they are not allowed to take any assets with them to other worlds not under your direct control.

 For example as a Roblox Player you are able to make your own Roblox game but assets are not allowed to be shared with other users for projects outside of your product.  

 If the platform does not allow the import of asset files then you are unable to use them and the platform owner must custom license the assets. 

Custom License for NFT/Blockchain?

Unfortunately we are still working through our NFT licensing. As Steam has banned the creation of NFT projects they seem to have gone more underground with less authentication steps involved. 

We want to avoid misuse of our assets especially in scams so currently we have a no NFT or Blockchain policy until we can do further research. 

Do you have a roadmap for future asset pack releases?

We do not provide a roadmap. Follow our Facebook page at for news on releases and updates

Do the asset packs include animations?

Unfortunately our assets do not include animations, however we have two videos available to 

setup animations for our characters.



Unity Starter Guide

Can I edit the assets?

Yes you can edit these assets using any 3D applications(Maya, Blender, etc). However it is prohibited to resell these edited assets

Please double check the EULA document. I've provided the links below -

Unity Asset Store

Unreal marketplace

Synty Store

What applications do you use to create the assets?

We use Maya for 3D modelling and Photoshop for textures

Can I have your assets for free?

No but we do have some free assets available on the Synty Store

Can we give you profit share of our game in exchange for free assets?


Do you sell any animals?

Unfortunately we don’t make animals but our friend MalberS Animation does and they are awesome, we suggest checking these out -

Unity Asset Store -

Unreal Marketplace -

Do you take pack suggestions/Ideas?

We currently have a lot of ideas for asset packs, however we’d like to hear any ideas you have discord server -

Do you have any ETA on asset releases?

We can’t give ETA’s on asset pack releases. Please follow us on our Facebook page at for new releases and updates

Can I use your screenshots and trailer for my Kickstarter or game?

You can not use our media for the promotion of your game, we highly recommend creating you own media to best represent your game

Can I sell 2D renders of your assets?

It is prohibited to resell our assets rendered as .png files as this competes with our business model

Unity Questions

How do I animate a character in Unity?

To make characters animate, we have two videos available to 

setup animations for our characters. 


Unity Starter Guide

How do I import the assets into Unity?

We have a video tutorial available for importing assets into Unity

Will the POLYGON Assets run on a mobile?

Yes, generally they run fine on recent mobile platforms, We recommend creating your own scene for mobile as the supplied demo scene showcase is not optimized for those platforms

How do I light my game to look like your screenshots?

Checkout our Youtube for lighting tutorials

Do you assets work with the URP (Universal render pipeline)?

Assets generally work with URP. Check the descriptions for more info

Unreal Questions

Can I get the source files?

When you purchase assets on, the source files will be available with your purchase.

With Unreal Marketplace, please email your invoice to and we’ll send you the source files.

How do I import the assets into Unreal?

We have a video tutorial available for importing assets into Unreal

Do the characters use the Unreal Skeleton?

No. We use our own Skeleton that requires animation retargeting

Other Questions

Can I use your assets in other engines like Godot?

Yes you can however we cannot provide support for any other third party engines

Do you have any tutorials on modeling in Blender?

We don’t use Blender and have little experience with it.