Why Low Poly Is Hot Again

If you want to develop a low poly game, then everyone at The Synty Store thinks you should go right ahead. There’s been a resurgence of low-poly art and flat design in recent years. It’s the visual style that does away with fine details and textures and it has found renewed popularity among your fellow indie developers; back in the day, that popularity was pretty much forced on game creators and had more to do with limitations of the hardware.  Today, it is more of a style choice, as developers and players embrace the retro vibe.

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We’re A Best Seller On The Unity Asset Store

We believe that actions speak louder than words when it comes to the quality of what we make for game developers.  One way of doing that is to look at how much we sell in some of the world’s leading asset stores; it gives you a good indication of the reputation we now have, and why we enjoy that status. 

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