Happy International Women's Day

Women in Game Dev

Welcome to the Women in Dev Hub (WIDH).
A community space where all women in the game development
industry are invited to explore their potential and find their perfect fit.


Did you know that 30% of game developers are female, with a 22% increase since 2014? While this growth is encouraging, women are still underrepresented in the industry.

At Synty, we believe in supporting women in game development. Our community provides a safe and inclusive space for you to connect with others, share your experiences, and learn from industry experts. Whether you're a designer, programmer, artist, or anything in between, WIDH is here to help you explore and navigate the world of game development.


SamYam MiniSeries

Unity Beginner Mini-Series

Learn game development with ease in SamYam's beginner series. With simple and easy-to-follow tutorials, SamYam helps beginners overcome the initial overwhelm of game development.

No prior experience with Unity or coding necessary.

Free Asset Pack

Synty Starter Kit

Looking to jumpstart your game development journey without any strings attached?

This starter pack, a sample of our popular POLYGON series, comes with everything you need to get your next game project started. 

Free Asset

Bubblegum Killstick

Add a sprinkle of kawaii with the Bubblegum Killstick, a weapon that's as sweet as it is deadly. Free to download.

Our junior 3D artist Ashe developed this asset for International Women's Day, so you know it's gonna be killer. 


This collection of resources serves as a starting point for what to consider when beginning your journey. Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there's much more to explore as you delve deeper into the exciting world of game development.

Career Pathways in Game Development

A guide by CircuitStream on the different career options within the game dev industry.

Indie Game Developer VS. AAA

A video by Thomas Brush and Jason Weimann dissecting the difference between Indie & AAA.

Unity VS. Unreal - Game Engine

A video by AwesomeTuts on what engine to consider when looking to start developing your game.

Synty Tutorials for 3D low poly assets

View our list of tutorials if you're stuck on how to solve an issue when using our assets. 

Inspiring Women


Carol Shaw - First Female Game Dev

In 2017, Carol Shaw was the recipient for The Game Awards Industry Icon award. Watch her inspiring journey.


History of Important Women in Games

Read about the women whose influence changed the world of video games.


Video Game Composer - Michiru Yamane

Discover Michiry's journey into the gaming industry from a unique perspective, as she's renowned for her work with Konami and the Castlevania franchise.


5 Games by Female Developers

Take a look at these five games created by talented female developers, each showcasing their unique style and genre.

Community Features

Are you a female game dev looking to inspire others? Synty's community feature showcases your experiences and works with fellow devs. We want to share your journey to help showcase the reality behind game dev, but in such a light to help set others up for success. If you'd like to be featured, join our Discord channel and reach out to one of our Synty team members.


Ready to take your first steps in game development?

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