Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrating Global Pride Month 2024

Hi everyone, Bre here. This month, we are very excited to once again be celebrating Global Pride Month alongside our community!

At Synty we believe that being part of a diverse team makes us stronger. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment – for both our staff and our community – where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves. 

This year we’ve once again come together with our wonderful community to develop a special, FREE asset to commemorate Pride Month. We loved seeing all your creative suggestions for asset themes this year! Last year, together we created POLYGON Pride Plushies, and this year, we’re proud to present... POLYGON Pride Crystal Weapons

This set was concepted and crafted by talented Synty 3D artist Branch, and they smashed it out of the park! Here’s what they had to say about the design approach: 

“When we were brainstorming how to incorporate the Pride part of the set, we came up with the idea to use the Pride flag colours as the alts. It took some trial and error – basically, I took the different flags and made them into a gradient that I then planar projected the UV’s of the crystal parts onto. Some of the flags were more difficult than others, where just taking the flags and making them a gradient made for some rather messy colours. So instead, I used some of the specific colour strips in the flags as handle or highlight colours." 

"I also made a slightly darker version of the gradients to get some fake shadows into the weapons to really push that sharp crystal look I was going for. Lastly, I converted the gradients into an emissive map, where it gets darker towards the bottom, to get a really nice subtle glow on them. It was really fun to work on these, and to have the opportunity to work on some different texturing methods!”

The set includes 2x bows (1 rigged), 1x spear, 1x sword, 1x arrow, and 10x alt materials.

We officially unveiled the Pride Crystal Weapons during our Pride Month stream, and built a special Pride mash-up scene to celebrate using our POLYGON Enchanted Forest Biome and Elven Realm packs. You can catch the stream video on demand here, and download the epic free wallpapers the team have created via the Synty Community Discord here

This beautiful set joins our growing collection of free 3D assets, which also includes a POLYGON Pride Flags pack. 

We hope this Pride Month has brought you all the love, happiness and acceptance you deserve. And for those who are unable to celebrate openly this Pride Month, know that you are worthy of love, and you are not alone – we stand with you. 

Whether you're a game developer, designer, or a 3D art enthusiast, we hope our Pride assets inspire your imagination this month and all year long, and we can’t wait to see what you build with them. Remember to tag us on Instagram, X or Facebook when posting your work! If you’d like to be part of our future collaborative community moments, be sure to join our community of experienced and aspiring developers on Discord.

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