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Once you have redeemed your bundle you can access your files by visiting My Downloads
or follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

  • Tier 1 Icon
  • Tier 2 Icon
  • Tier 3 Icon
  • POLYGON MINI - City Pack
    POLYGON - Spy Kit
    POLYGON - Explorer Kit
    POLYGON - Snow Kit

  • POLYGON - Nightclubs
    POLYGON MINI - City Characters Pack
    POLYGON - Fantasy Rivals Pack
    POLYGON MINI - Fantasy Pack
    POLYGON - Prototype Pack

  • POLYGON - Ancient Empire
    POLYGON - Sci-Fi Space Pack
    POLYGON - Farm Pack
    POLYGON - Office Pack
    POLYGON - City Zombies Pack
    POLYGON - Town Pack
    POLYGON MINI - Fantasy Characters Pack
    POLYGON - City Characters Pack
    POLYGON - Fantasy Characters Pack
    POLYGON - Icons Pack

How To Access Your Files

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To download your files you must first log in.

Click the account icon at the top right of the page and follow the login instructions.

Account Settings

You will find your files in the Account Settings screen. Click the same account icon in the top right of the page, if you are logged in this will take you to the account settings screen.

From there click the My Downloads button. All your files will be listed there!

Download your files and build some games!