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POLYGON - Construction Pack

POLYGON - Construction Pack

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Synty® Studios Presents: POLYGON - Construction Pack

A Low Poly asset pack of Buildings, Characters, Props, Tools and Environment assets to create a Construction themed polygonal style game.

OVER 550 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack.

 Key Features 
- Modular High rise and House systems!
- Detailed power tools with removable batteries!
- Construction vehicle fleet!
- Add POLYGON City or POLYGON Town to the project to populate the demo scenes

◼ Assets 

Characters (x9)
Builder Female, Builder Male, Builder Harness, Builder HighVis, Builder Overalls, Builder Raincoat, Builder Singlet, Inspector Female, Inspector Male

Character Attachments (x35)
Beards (x5), Belt Attachments (x6), Cigarettes (x2), Earmuffs, Face Shields (x2), Filter Mask, Goatee, Goggles (x2), Hat, Helmets (x7), ID Badge, Mustache, Glasses (x4), Welder Mask

Vehicles (x14)
Bulldozer, Cherry Picker, Crane (plus Wrecking Balls), Excavators (x2), Loaders (x3), Pickup (plus Toolbox, Canopy, and Lightbar), Roller, Telehandler, Trailers (x2), Truck (plus Concrete Mixer and Dumptrays (x3))

Environment (x36)
Dirt Roads, Ground Pieces, Driveway Curbs, Dirt Piles, Bones, Rocks, etc

Additional Presets (x26)
Optimized preset house exteriors

Environment (x36)
Dirt Roads, Ground Pieces, Driveway Curbs, Dirt Piles, Bones, Rocks, etc

Props (x300)
Barrels, Barriers, Pallets, Boxes, Building Supplies, Large tools, Cones, Crates, Site Elevators, Beams, Poles, Pipes, Junk Piles, Ladders, Chairs, Plans, Cables, Bins, Signs & Posters, Scaffolding, Storage Shelves & Racks, etc

Items (x15)
Drinks, Batteries, Pencils, Clipboard, Radio, Spray Cans, Tape, Walkie Talkie, etc

Tools (x39)
Angle Grinder, Batteries (x3), Box Cutter, Buffer, Chisel, Circular Saw, Concrete Breakers (x2), Concrete Saw, Crowbar, Drill, Hammers (x3), Handsaws (x2), Impact Driver, Orbital Sander, Paint Brushes (x2), Paint Rollers (x2), Pliers, Pry bar, Saber Saw, Screw Driver, Spirit Level, Square, Tape Measure, Nail Gun, Trowels (x2), Wire Cutter, Wrenches (x3)

◼ Compatibility ◼
- Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Compatible with Unity 2020.3+
- Compatible with Unreal 4.22+

***Contents may vary between engines. 

Change Log

v1.7.1 (Unreal + Source Files)
- Updated new skeleton to fix pelvis bone issue

v1.7.0 (Unreal + Source Files)
- New_Characters folder added to the project with ready to use characters.
- New Unreal characters added to the source files

v1.6 (Unreal)
- Change pivot point to crane wire.
- Updated demo Maps to match Unity.
- Changed pivot offset of SK_Veh_Truck_01 for better accessory attachments.
- Removed bucket from the following vehicles for easy accessory attachment:
1.4 (Unity) 1.5 (Unreal) + source files
- Fixed missing polygons on SM_Veh_Bulldozer_01
- Fixed glass texture on SM_Veh_Crane_01

v1.3 (Unity)

- Fixed script errors on convex collision

v1.2 (Unity)

- Fixed prefabs and materials in City demo scene
- Fixed variety of broken pivot points on vehicles
- Fixed errors in City and Town demo scenes



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Med E.
Great Low-Poly Construction Assets for Game Developers

POLYGON - Construction Pack is a valuable asset pack for game developers. It provides a wealth of high-quality, low-poly construction assets that can save you time and effort in creating your game.

Thanks for the review!

Yann D.
Great content pack

The quality and details of the models are fantastic, and there are plenty of props to create varied environnements. Import in Blender is easy via the .fbx files and a little bit of tweaking for the materials make it ready to use.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

curtus f.
Got this pack while on sale for a few tools I needed for some prototyping

Very good pack, if you have any construction scenes in a game this is a great versatile pack. The vehicles are really well done for anyone wanting to bring them to life with blueprints. I was a heavy equipment operator and the temptation to making the Excavator or crane function like real life in VR is very real... To many projects. If anyone does this let me know, i wanna play!

Thanks for the review.

Allan G.
Just as good quality as the rest of the packs

I've not had the chance to use this pack in a game yet but it's still full of high quality assets as we've come to expect from Synty.

Cheers for the review.

Mark T.
glaring oversight?

I have yet to open the pack yet, but based on the pictures you provide, I have to say not having a wheelbarrow in the pack seems to be a pretty big omission. That said, it does look great. Thanks!

Thanks for the reveiw! You will be happy to know there is a wheelbarrow in this pack :)

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