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POLYGON - Dungeon Pack

POLYGON - Dungeon Pack

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5 seats per copy - Licence

Synty Studios Presents - 

An Epic Low Poly asset pack of characters, props, weapons and environment assets to create a Fantasy themed polygonal style game.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Includes a big demo scene (Character poses indicative only)

- Modular Interior castle set
- Modular Interior cave set
- Modular Goblin Camp set
- Modular Basement set
- Modular Sewer set
- Multiple Dungeon entrances
- Alternate materials for dust, moss, snow, and lava

Key Features:

770 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colours.

Some examples include:
- Floor tile set x 17
- Stairs x 7
- Doors x 10
- Large Crystals x 4
- Large Bones + Skulls + Piles x 25
- Mushrooms x 12
- Trees x 5
- Pillars x 23
- Raised Rock Platforms x 11
- Cracked Flat Rocks x 10
- Ground Piles x 14
- Minecart Tracks + Tunnel x 8
- Candles + Chandeliers x 9
- Crates x 10
- Vases x 13
- Posed dead skeletons x 8
- Candles + Chandeliers x 9
- Goblin Structures x 4
- Tables + Chairs x 10
- Stalactite + Stalagmite x 12
- Old Wooden Bridge Parts x 12
- Optimized Flat Floor Tiles x 9
- Potions + Bottles x 15
- See screenshots for detailed layouts!

16 Unique characters with x4 alternative Colours and 3 skin tone variations 
- Hero_Knight_Male
- Hero_Knight_Female 
- Ghost_01
- Ghost_02 
- Tormented_Soul 
- Rock_Golem 
- Skeleton_Knight 
- Skeleton_Slave 
- Skeleton_Soldier_01 
- Skeleton_Soldier_02 
- Goblin_Female 
- Goblin_Male 
- Goblin_Shaman 
- Goblin_Warchief 
- Goblin_Warrior_Female 
- Goblin_Warrior_Male 

Includes optimized floor and wall tiles with baked down normal maps. 

73 Unique Weapons and shields with x4 alternative colour variations 
- Crystal Weapons x 5
- Goblin Banners x 5
- Giant Hammers x 4
- Goblin Weapons x 14
- Greatswords x 4
- Shields x 11
- Maces x 4
- Hammers x 2
- Ornate Weapons x 7
- See screenshots for a full layout!

◼ Compatibility ◼
- Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Compatible with Unity 2020.3+
- Compatible with Unreal 4.25+

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sean Federico
Oldie but a Goodie!!!

One of the first pack I bought and still one of my favorite. Lots of ways to use the assets to make amazing dungeons. Would REALLY love to see more added on to this pack. Seriously, more!! More skeleton bad guys, an ogre, slime monsters, more goblins, trolls, dark elves, just MORE that fit with this pack.


Needs to be updated to be compatible with UE5.2

Reach out to us at to let us know what issues you're having in 5.2 so we can address it for you.

Must-Have for fantasy games

The assets in this pack are insanely beautiful and a great addition to your dungeon making experience. Nice job Synty.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Chris McBane
So much content!

I've found this to be an incredibly detailed asset pack. Lots of props and small things to really make your scenes pop. There are also a lot of different themes, such as goblin caverns with huts and a sort of tribal feel, caves systems with glowing crystals and mushrooms, not to mention your classic dungeon ruins. The folder structure is very nicely laid out and easy to understand. Whether you’re using this as the main art for your project or using it to prototype, you’re getting a lot of value for your money. Top notch asset pack!

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

Really cool !!! ...

They are really cool and easy to use.I want to collect them all : ).

The review is greatly appreciated.

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