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POLYGON - Modular Fantasy Hero Characters

POLYGON - Modular Fantasy Hero Characters

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Synty® Studios presents: POLYGON - Modular Fantasy Hero Characters

A low poly Modular Fantasy Hero Character asset pack to create characters for your fantasy game or make a character creator for your players to make their own hero.

(Includes a demo scene and random character generator script)

◼ Key Features ◼

  • 720 modular pieces with a custom shader to change colors. 
  • Weapons, shields and armour
  • Male and female character variants
  • Unity Standard and URP compatible
  • Unreal Engine compatible
📦 Pack Content

Modular Character Assets
- Hair, Heads, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Hats, Masks, Helmets, Torsos, Hips, Legs, Arms, Hands, Knee pads, Shoulder pads, Elbow Pads, Hip Attachments, Bags, Capes etc.

Weapon Assets
- Axe, Dagger, Jousts, Maces, Shields, Shields, Staffs, Swords, Knives etc
- Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
- Male and Female versions of each body part (not including unisex parts)
- Capes rigged
- Includes 120 Premade characters from the modular parts (Unity only) (5 Preset characters for fixed scale)
- Includes custom shaders to work with the Scriptable render pipelines (HD + LW) 
- Includes Static versions for in game pick ups and use for UI etc 

🤖 Technical Info

- Characters set up with Mecanim (No animations included)
- Unity Render Pipeline Support:

  • Standard
  • URP
  • View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

File Formats ◼
- Unity 2020.3 Package
- Unreal 4.22 Project
- Source Files (.fbx, .obj)

📋 Changelog

v1.30 (Unity)
- General pack cleanup

v1.28 (Unity)
- Cleaned up project and removed unnecessary files

Unity 5.6 (and above) Project - Version -  1.2
1.26 - Added a fixed scale character rig to the pack with 5 presets for the fixed scale (Fixed scale enables weapons and attachmenst to be easily parent to skeleton joints without any additional scaling)
- Fixing issue with URP extract me package not replacing the material
- Fixing issue with URP stubble and Scar colors
- Adding URP, Removing HDRP and LWRP
- Fixed issue with Female head 23 randomly appearing out of nowhere when using newer Unity versions

1.2 - Updated HDSRP(Preview) and LWSRP(Preview) shaders made with Shader graph (works in Unity 2019.1 and above)
1.11 - Fixed BodyArt texture issue and preset model materials 1.10 - Fixed stubble texture issue
1.09 - Fixed shader stubble and scar issue 1.08 - Updated shader to reduce texture samples (removes build error) Check Uvs of all parts (some parts don’t change color) Make eyes color changeable Add HDRP and LWRP shaders Fixed Minor naming issues
1.07 - Fixed issues with missing meshes for some heads on the character prefab
1.06 - Added static versions of the modular characters (for use in game as pickup or UI elements etc
1.05 - Fixing missing material from demo scene 1.04 - Rebuild all 120 preset characters
1.03 - Fixed issue with opposite legs for males 1.02 - Updated Random Character script
1.01 - Fixed some errors with missing scripts 1.0 - First release

Unreal 4.22 (and above) Project - Version
1.3.0 - Fixes
Normals on Skeletal Meshes Fixed. 
Materials reassigned to all meshes
1.2.0 - Release version
- Fixed capes not being hard normals
1.1.1 - More Beta Fixes
- Fixed issue with skeleton
- Added Capes
- Shoulder pads now attached to clavicles rather than shoulders
1.1.0 - More Beta Fixes
- Fixed part swapping on blueprints
- Fixed issues with faces not matching
- Fixed issue with Female feet not matching
- Added Weapons
- Added Capes
1.01 - Beta Fixes
- Fixed Flickering base character
- Fixed Hair and Shoulders not changing via variables
- Fixed Material color not changing on leather and metals
- Added Weapons to the pack
- Fixed Facial hair not displaying on females

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

The absolute best low poly assets for game developers bar none.

We appreciate the review, thanks!

Unreal Engine 5- Animation Fix

My friend asked to me for help with his project. The problem was when he created character, animation blueprints not working. I search internet but cannot fix for unreal 5+, so i tried something and fixed it.
Open BP_ModularCharacter and click Mesh(CharacterMesh0). In details panel find Optimization --> Visibility Based Anim Tick Option. Normally it set Always Tick Pose, click and chance it to Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones. When i did it animation blueprint start working correctly. I hope it helps you too.

Thanks, we appreciate the feedback. I'll pass this on to the team for review.

Really great assets

Just wish they came with Godot Engine support

Thanks for the review and feedback.

Solid asset

This is release good for any kind of rpg game and works really great with unreal engine, i wish more updates in the future.

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

Very good Hope for future Updates.

Very good, we can make many characters usings this package, i hope for small future updates, may a new package for purchase: version of this in city style and futurist style, Make kids style will be fun too!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

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