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POLYGON - Nightclubs

POLYGON - Nightclubs

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5 seats per copy - View our License Information

Synty® Studios presents: POLYGON - Nightclubs

POLYGON - Nightclubs, an electrifying, Low Poly asset pack, ready to take your world to the next level. Lean in and allow your imagination to explore all possibilities on offer. POLYGON - Nightclub, here for your entertainment.

◼ Key Features ◼

  • Fully modular buildings, bars, sofas, and platforms
  • Four different club scenes
  • Lasers lights!

*Character poses indicative only.
*Contents may vary between engines. 

📦 Pack Content

Full nightclub demo scene including rooftop bar and dance floor.

◼ Assets ◼

Characters (x8)

- Bartender Male/Female, Bouncer Male, Party Female (x3), Party Male (x2)

Character Attachments (x26)

-Including Beards, Earrings, Glasses, Hairs, and Hats.

Buildings (x140)

- Including a base set of building pieces plus: Awnings, Ceilings, Curtains, Doors, Fire Escapes, Floors, Pillars, Railings, Trims, Pergolas, Shelves, Stairs/Steps, Elevator, and Feature Walls.

Props (x583)

- Including Art/Posters, Ash trays, Bags, Bottles, Glasses, Mats, Sinks, Bean Bags, Chairs/Benches, Boxes, Crates, Cans, Point Of Sale, Cigarettes, Coasters, Cleaning Equipment, Coats, Cocktails, Dance Poles, Darts, Plates, Disco Ball, Displays, DJ Gear, Fridges, Racks/Shelves, Bins, Lights, Greebles, Hats, Personal Items (purses, wallet, inhaler etc), Kegs, Mechanical Bull, Menus, Money, Microphones, Neon Shapes and Signs, Papers/Trash, Pills, Pillows, Pipes, Plants and Plant Pots, Rugs, Screens, Sculptures, Smoke Machine, Speakers, Stanchions/Dividers, Stools, Tables, Toilet and Toilet Items, Flags, Trophies, TVs, Urinals etc, Plus Modular Bars, Benches, Sofas, Vents, Stages, Platforms, and Walkways! 

Environment (x41)

- Including Background City Buildings, Skydome, Clouds, Crane Silhouettes, and Background Streets.

FX (x18)

- Including Background Cars, Spotlights, Fire, Fog, Lasers, and Lightray Shapes.

🤖 Technical Info

◼ Compatibility ◼
View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
- Compatible with Unity 2020.3+
- Compatible with Unreal 4.25+

File Formats ◼

Unity Package - 2020.3
Unreal Project - 4.25
FBX source files

📋 Changelog

v1.8.1 (Unreal + Source Files)
- Updated new skeleton to fix pelvis bone issue

v1.8.0 (Unreal + Source Files)
- New_Characters folder added to the project with ready to use characters.
- New Unreal characters added to the source files

- Fixed UVs on SM_Prop_Lemon_Slice_01 and SM_Prop_Pineapple_Slice_01
- Created missing prefabs for models (Unity)
- Added models to source files

v1.6 (Unity)
- General pack cleanup

- Added individual character FBX files to Source Files.
- Fixed structure of Source Files

1.3 (Unity)
- Fixed missing scripts on convex collision

- Fixed missing faces on SM_Prop_Sofa_01_Corner_02,
- Fixed missing faces on SM_Prop_Sofa_01_Corner_04

- Minor tweaks to materials. Fixed Dance Floor animation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
rerd x.
very good Pack

the New_Characters which base the ThirdPersonCharacter of UE is very useful!

We are glad to hear that you found the New_Characters to be useful. Thanks for the review!

Jeremy M.

POLYGON - Nightclubs

Cheers for the review.

Raşit A.

Very good

Cheers for the review.

Loic D.
Great as usual!

Very rich, all you need for an urban dancing game...

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Highly recommended

I kinda hoped for more characters but thankfully the particle effects, modular buildings, all the props and character attachments make up for it.

Thanks for taking the time to review the pack. Glad to hear you're enjoying the modular buildings and props.

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