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POLYGON - Pirate Pack

POLYGON - Pirate Pack

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Synty® Studios presents: POLYGON - Pirate Pack

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure across the high seas with the POLYGON - Pirate Pack, a thrilling game engine asset collection brought to you by Synty™ Studios. Set sail for treasure-laden islands and perilous encounters with low poly characters, ships, props, and environments tailored for pirate-themed games.

This extensive pack features a wealth of assets to bring your pirate world to life. Sail the seas aboard customizable ships, engage in daring battles with cannons and cutlasses, and explore mysterious islands teeming with hidden treasures and deadly traps. Populate your game world with a colorful cast of characters, from daring buccaneers and formidable captains to cunning smugglers and fearsome sea monsters.

Chart your course with confidence using the included demo scene, offering a glimpse into the endless possibilities of the POLYGON - Pirate Pack. Character setups are optimized for seamless integration with Mecanim, ensuring smooth animation workflows for all your pirate adventures. Plus, our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline guarantees that your visuals will be as vibrant and immersive as the pirate life itself. Hoist the Jolly Roger and set forth on your game development voyage today with the POLYGON - Pirate Pack.

◼ Key Features◼

  • 477 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colours.
  • Compatible with all POLYGON asset packs
  • Modular Shanty Town set
  • Modular Fort Set
  • Modular Cuban Town Set
  • Modular Mansion Set
  • Modular Island Set
  • Modular Jungle Set
  • Modular Boat Set

*Contents may vary between engines. 

📦 Pack Content

Demo Scene
- Included in Unity and Unreal project files

477 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colours.
Some examples include:
- Warship x 2<
- Large Ship x 2
- Medium Ship x 2
- Small Ship x 2
- Rowboat x 2
- Cutlass x 6
- Rapier
- Sabre x 2
- Dagger x 2
- Shortsword x 2
- Boarding Axe + Spear
- Blunderbuss x 2
- Musketpistol x 9
- Musketpistol Doublebarrel x 2
- Pistol x 3
- Rifle x 2
- Bomb x 2
- Skeleton Posed x 8
- Preset Prop Stack x 6
- Treasure Pile x 4
- Map x 4
- Chest x 3
- Crate x 8
- Debris x 3
- Beach x 10
- Rocks Huge + Small x 25
- Lantern x 3
- See screenshots for detailed layouts!

15 Unique characters with x4 alternative Colour and 3 skin tone variations
- English Governor
- English Captain
- English Soldier
- Blackbeard
- Pirate Captain
- Pirate Woman
- Seaman
- Deckhand
- Firstmate
- Wench
- Governor's Daughter
- Gentleman
- Skeleton bare
- Skeleton Pirate
- Skeleton Pirate 02

2 Unique Creatures (Includes swim animations)
- Fish
- Shark

🤖 Technical Info

- Characters set up with Mecanim (No animations included)
- URP: View our tutorial on converting to materials to URP

File Formats
- Unity 2020.3 package
- Unreal 4.14 project
- FBX source files

📋 Changelog

- Added missing prefab SM_Item_Bag_Attachment_03

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sardonic L.
Blah Mutiny Polygon Pirates

I just published an iOS (soon Android) endless runner game that used Polygon Pirate Pack extensively. This asset worked out great and renders well on mobile. The variety and quality of assets allowed me to construct several unique levels within the pirate theme. Great work Synty!

Thanks for the great review and good luck with your game.

By Far My Favorite!

Honestly I just love your assets(This one in particular). They feel like Lego sets and they give me the same sense of excitement and curiosity that comes with getting said toys. The things I can make and new ways they con be mixed and matched with other sets is so exciting to think about and explore. Keep up the great work Synty!

Cheers for the review.

Great pack !!

The quality of this pack is awesome! I mean, even the shark has a skeleton. The only down point is that the boats don't have an interior. But I really need to improve my skills in blender so I'll work on it :)

Thanks, the review is appreciated. We've published some blender tutorials to help modify out assets. You can check them out here

Neal F.
Amazing Asset!

Perfect! Amazing work

Thanks for the review.

Rosen S.

Nice job. I like all the stuff. Thanks.

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

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