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POLYGON - Samurai Pack

POLYGON - Samurai Pack

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Synty® Studios Presents: POLYGON - Samurai Pack

Embark on a journey to feudal Japan with the POLYGON - Samurai Pack, a meticulously crafted game engine asset collection from Synty™ Studios. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient warriors with low poly characters, buildings, props, and environments, all designed to evoke the spirit of the samurai. With modular components that seamlessly piece together, creating captivating game worlds has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to game design, this pack offers endless possibilities for crafting immersive experiences.

Unleash your creativity with the included demo scene, providing a glimpse into the potential of the POLYGON - Samurai Pack. Character setups are optimized for Mecanim integration, facilitating smooth animation workflows. Elevate your game development endeavors and transport players to a world of honor, adventure, and ancient traditions with the POLYGON - Samurai Pack.

*Contents may vary between engines.

📦 Pack Content

Demo Scene
- Included in Unity and Unreal project files

245 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colors.
- Modular Temple set
- Modular House Set
- Modular Japanese Castle Set
- Tonfa
- Tanto
- Shuriken
- Sai
- Odachi
- Ninjato
- Naginata
- Kunai
- JuMonji Yari
- Bo Staff
- Zen Lantern
- Vegetables x8
- Training Pole
- Tent
- Tables x3
- Rope
- Rake
- SandPit
- Fan x5
- Bucket x2
- Bucket Pole
- Bonzai
- Bell
- Rocks
- Hills
- Trees x4
- Stepping Stones
- Modular Pond
- Rice Plants x2
- Lillypads x4
- Mt Fuji
- Clouds x3
-Bamboo x6

7 Unique characters with x3 alternative skin and colour variations
- Geisha
- Samurai Grunt
- Samurai Warrior
- Sensei
- Ninja
- Village Man
- Village Woman

🤖 Technical Info

- Characters set up with Mecanim (No animations included)
- URP: View our tutorial on converting to materials to URP

File Formats
- Unity 5.6.0 Project
- Unreal 4.14 Project
- Source Files (.fbx, .obj)

📋 Changelog

- Fixed convex collision
- Cleaned project
- Renamed fixed scale characters
- Fixed naming conventions
1.5 - Fixed issues with SM_Bld_Room_Long_01, 02 and 03 roofs (+ snow variants).
1.4 - Created prefabs for various missing models
1.3 - Fixed holes in SM_Bld_Base_Large_DoorWay_01
1.2 - Added collision
1.1 - Adding fixed scale characters

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
argenis s.
Absolute beauty!

All well made, I love it

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

Rangoon G.
LOVE this pack

Can't believe the incredible value of this pack. I absolute love the trees and cute house exteriors. Great demo scene as always!

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

Robert Z.
Stellar Value!

I got this pack on a whim and didn't expect how much I'd be using it. You get a lot for very little and I hope we'll see more on this series 8n the future!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

quoc v.


Thanks, the review is appreciated.

sietse h.
Fun little collection

Great pack to slap together you next masterpiece.

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

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