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POLYGON - Western Pack

POLYGON - Western Pack

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Synty Studios Presents -

A low poly asset pack of characters, props, weapons and environment assets to create a Western themed polygonal style game.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Includes a demo scene

305 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colors.

This pack contains:

Unity 5.6.0 Project

Unreal 4.14 Project

Source Files (.fbx, .obj, .mb)

Assets include:
- Church x1
- Cover x1
- Deck Steps x1
- Door x1
- Double Buildings x2
- Double_Balcony x2
- Double Balcony Stairs x1
- Double Building Deck Cover x2
- Double Building Deck x4
- Double Building Facade x5
- Double Building Front x2
- Double Building Roof x2
- FencePost x1
- Fence x3
- Jail x1
- Large Building x1
- Outhouse x1
- Saloon x1
- Shed x1
- Sign x20
- Single Building x2
- Single Balcony x2
- Single Deck Cover x1
- Single Deck x4
- Single Facade x5
- Single Building Front x4
- Single Roof x2
- Stairs x3
- Tower Clock x1
- Tower x1
- TrainStation x1
- Train Station Platform x1
- Water Tower x1
- Well x1
- Windmill x1
- Bone Pile x1
- Butte x4
- Butte x3
- Cactus x 15
- CampFire x1
- Cliff Arch x2
- Cliff Cap x2
- Cliff Curve x2
- Cliff Pillar x2
- Cliff Straight x2
- Cloud x3
- Dust Pile x9
- Grass x3
- Grave x1
- Rocks x11
- Sand Ground x6
- Train Track Bridge Support x1
- Train Track Bridge Top x1
- Train Track Bridge Top Curve x1
- Train Track Curve x1
- Train Track Straight x1
- TreeDead x3
- BarberPost x1
- Barrel x2
- Barrel Broken x3
- Barrel Half x1
- Bed x2
- Bench x1
- Bone Cracked x2
- Bottle x7
- Bottle Broken x4
- Bottle Candle x2
- Building Smoke stack x1
- Bush x1
- Candle x1
- Card x3
- Card Pile x1
- Cart Wheel x1
- Cash Register x1
- Chair x1
- Church Cross x2
- Church Door x1
- Church Pew x1
- Church Podium x1
- Coffin x1
- Cow Skull x1
- Crate x1
- Cup x2
- Curtain x2
- Curtain Rail x1
- Deck Rail x2
- Desk x1
- Dresser x1
- Entrance x1
- Fireplace x1
- Fireplace Smoke Stack x1
- Fur Roll x3
- Gallows x1
- GoldBar x1
- Hay Bale x1
- Hitching Post x1
- JailBed x1
- Ladder x1
- Lantern x2
- Lantern Lit x2
- Loghalf x2
- Map x2
- Message Board x1
- Milk Container x1
- Moose Head x1
- Piano x1
- Piano Seat x1
- Poker Table x1
- Poker Chip x3
- Pot x1
- Road Sign x1
- Rope x3
- Rope Hanging x1
- Sack x4
- Saddle x1
- Saloon Swinging Doors x1
- Shelf x1
- Stick x2
- Stick Bundle x1
- Stool x1
- Stool Round x1
- Suitcase x2
- Table x2
- Table Vegetables x1
- Tumbleweed x2
- Vault x1
- Vegetables Box x5
- Water Trough x1
- Wood Pile x4

6 Vehicle parts including train set 
- Stagecoach x1
- Train x1
- Train_Carriage x1
- Train_Coal x1
- Train_Freight x1
- Cart x1

8 Characters with Alternative colors 
- Cowboy
- Cowgirl
- Bad Guy
- Gunman
- Saloon Girl
- Town Man
- Town Woman
- Sheriff

6 Weapons
- American Bayonet x1
- American Bayonet Sheath
- Revolver x2
- Rifle x1
- Shotgun x2

- Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)
View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Compatible with Unity 2020.3+
- Compatible with Unreal 4.14+

***Contents may vary between engines. 


Change Log

v1.08 Change Log

- Fixed naming conventions

- Fixed convex collision
- General pack cleanup

v1.07 (Unity)
- Fixed building colliders

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rangoon G.
Seriously The Cheese

Everything is stellar and blows me away as always from Synty. Very impressed with the buildings character models in this pack. #Team POLYGON Ancient Egypt please plsplspls

Thanks for the review.

Very useful

It is a very useful and practical pack. I'm using it to create my first game as a final project for a course.

Cheers for the review.

This is great

If you're going for a western low-poly game then I think it's the best way to get started. You have everything to start building epic towns for duels or desert to run with your horse.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Camper J.
John Wayne would be proud...great asset

This package has everything you need to set-up a western theme environment. You can create your own town using prefab buildings or build your own using the individual parts. Landscaping is spot on with the look and feel of the American Wild West. If you are looking for an OK Coral shootout, there are many types of hand guns and rifle prefabs waiting on you. The pack is versatile enough where I have used a few of the assets in other projects (non-western), such as the water towers and trains.
Synty did an excellent job in creating this package...highly recommend.

Cheers for the review.

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