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Simple Airport - Cartoon Assets

Simple Airport - Cartoon Assets

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Simple Airport - Cartoon Assets

A Simple Airport pack with Planes, Ground Vehicles, Fighter Jets, Helicopters, Characters, Buildings, Environments and Props to create an your very own game.

Includes demo scene.

15 Vehicles - with variations

Large Plane, Large Propeller Plane, Small Plane, Private Jet Large, Private Jet Small, Small Helicopter , Fighter Jet,Fighter Jet Large 01, Fuel Truck, Plane Tower, Airport Bus, Stair Truck, Baggage Tow Car, Taxi, Family Car.

10 Characters - 3 variations each (approx. 300 tris)

Pilot 01, Pilot 02, Flight Attendant Female, Flight Attendant Male, Airport Security, Airport Worker 01, Airport Worker 02, Businessman 02, Tourist_02, and Cleaner

123 Environmental Prefabs

Airport Building Small, Main Airport Building, Airport Hub Building, Airport Hanger Large, Airport Hanger Small, Ticket Booth, Airport Tower(6), Airport Parking Lot, Airport Main Sign, Airport Plane Gangway(6), Luggage(5), Barrels, Small Concrete Barrier, Plastic Barrier, Metal Barrier, Fence, Fuel Pipes, Ground Concrete Tiles(4), Garden Planters, Grass Tiles, Runway Tiles, Modular Runway, Luggage Ramp, Metal Box, Flood Lights, Luggage cart(3), Luggage cart crate, Road cones(6), Windsocks, Runway Signs (2), Runway Lights, Air Conditioning Unit, Glass Skylight, Signs (10), Radar Tower.

 View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.

This pack contains:

Unity 2020.3 Package
FBX Source Files 

📋 Changelog

- Renamed duplicate prefabs


- Fixed material on Airport_Parking_Lot prefab
- Fixed material on Airport_Parking_Lot_Road prefab
- Updated package to 2020.3

& Airport_Parking_Lot

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