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Simple Cats - Cartoon Animals

Simple Cats - Cartoon Animals

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 Simple Cats - Cartoon Animals

A simple asset pack of cats to create a simple cube style game with our other assets.

10 Cats - 3 Variations each

Japanese Bobtail, MaineCoon, Persian, Russian Blue, Siamese, Snowshoe, Somali, Sphynx, Striped Tabby and Tabby.


Toy Mice, Yarn, Litter trays, Cat Trees, Bowls, and Cat poo!


Idle, Walk, Run, Eat, RunJump, Attack, Sit down, Sit Idle, and Sit Up

View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.

This pack contains:

Unity 2020.3 Package
FBX Source Files

Customer Reviews

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Justin Ozug
Mislabeled and Missing Animations

The animations are mislabeled and/or completely missing.

Mislabeled Animations:
+ Cat_Eat - Run then put head down
+ Cat_Jump - Cleaning self (Loop)
+ Cat_Attack - Cleaning self (non-loop)
+ Cat_SitStart - Lifts head
+ Cat_SitIdle - Lowers Head (Loop)
+ Cat_SitUp - Sits down

Missing Animations:
+ Attack
+ Eat
+ Jump
+ Sit Start
+ Sit Idle

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