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Simple Props/Items/Icons - Cartoon Assets

Simple Props/Items/Icons - Cartoon Assets

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A Simple asset pack to add to our existing asset packs to make your game look lived in.
Includes demo scenes

122 Prop prefabs
Payphones, Cardboard boxes, Rubbish bag, Rubbish piles, Wheelie Bins, Litter, Mailboxes, Billboards, Parking meters, Power boxes with cables (Place on walls), Power cabinet, Hot Dog cart, Ice cream cart, Donuts cart, Newspaper stands, Bus stop, Wood shed, Metal shed, Phone booths, Benches, Signs, Fence, Vending machines, Metal cage for trees, ATM's, Suburban mailbox, Pool, Swing Set, Dog House, Security camera, Roof lights, Planters, Skip with rubbish, PortaLoo, Sandpit, Fountains, Playground, Pipes, Drain, Pallet and more.

 165 Icon Assets (including alphabet characters)

Perfect for use in game or for UI elements.

184 Items 
Briefcases, Handbags, shopping bags, Cellphones,Tablets, Dumbbells, Spade, Cigar, Smoking Pipe, Cigarette, Binoculars, Pill Bottles, Blood bag, Cordless Drill, Walkie talkies, Bandages, Flare, Walking stick, Gym bag, Bucket, Boom box, Toolbox, Jerry can, Chilly Bin, Skateboard, Newspaper rolled, Apple, Orange, Banana, Corn, Carrot, IceCreams, Donuts, Burger, Hot dog, Pizza, Cookie, Taco, Meat, Cake, Muffin, Sandwich, chocolate bar, Can of soda, Energy drink, Bottle of beer, Bottle of beer in brown paper bag, Bottle of wine, Coffee, Milkshake, Cup, Bottle of water, Bottle of milk and carton, Jams, Wood Baseball bat, Metal Baseball bat, Fire axe, Axe, Knife, Butchers knife, Kitchen knife, Piece of wood, Sledge hammer, Wood with nails, Crowbar, Hammer, Machete, Spanner, Golf club, Torch, Police batten, Frying pan, Katana, PipeWrench, Screwdriver, Pipe, Plunger, Cash, Med Packs, Ammo boxes, Books, Magazine, Newspaper, Camera, Riot shield, Chainsaws and more. 

🤖 Technical Info

View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.

◼ File Formats 
Unity - 2020.3
Unreal - 4.15 Project
Source Files - (.fbx, .obj,)

📋 Changelog

v1.3 (Unity)
-Model scale fixes
- Updated Missing and Duplicate Prefabs

v1.2 (Unity)
- General pack cleanup

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