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POLYGON - Nature Biomes - Season Two

POLYGON - Nature Biomes - Season Two

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Synty® Studios presents: POLYGON - Nature Biome - Season Two

Venture into an exciting quest and witness the allure of three distinct POLYGON Biomes, all conveniently bundled for an extraordinary offer. Don't wait—grab your POLYGON Nature Biomes Season 2 Bundle today!

This bundle includes:

POLYGON - Alpine Mountain

Explore this canvas of vibrant hues, from the rich greens of pine trees to the fiery reds, all harmoniously set against the backdrop of snow-capped summits.

POLYGON - Arid Desert

Vegetation clings desperately to life, their twisted forms casting long shadows in the relentless heat. The sun-bleached colour palette captures the harsh beauty of a world forgotten by rain.

POLYGON - Enchanted Forest

Experience air humming with enchantment, where various majestic trees, adorned with gracefully gentle foliage, form a celestial canopy overhead, casting a spell of tranquility upon the moss-covered forest floor.

Expand your project
Combine all three Biomes in your project to create vast and expansive experiences. All Biomes in Season 2 are designed to work together, sharing common materials and shaders to simplify development when using them together.

POLYGON - Nature Biomes Seasons Two is also designed to look and feel perfectly integrated with Nature Biomes Season One and any Synty POLYGON pack.

This product is a bundle 
View full list of assets technical info and file formats by viewing each individual pack's store page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mateusz W.
Awesome Quality

I got season 1 and season 2 and I am stunned by the quality of the assets. While I would consider season 1 to be more of a "core" pack and season 2 to be more of an addon, I think the variety of the assets included makes for very interesting and pretty game worlds.

Will B.
Looks amazing

The nature biome series is my favorite series from Synty. They truly show the beauty that can be accomplished in the low poly art style (to be fair some trees are big, like 10k-20k polys, but I suppose compared to hero characters in current releases that are like 100k+, that's still low poly).

They come with some nifty shaders to help out your project (triplanar object coverage, vegetation, etc.) that you can further adjust with ShaderGraph or AmplifyShaderEditor.

Look forward to future releases in the series!

Thanks, the review is appreciated.

Truly beautiful environments

Three beautiful environments, filling an often overlooked component of any good game. It's a step up from the already great season 1, imo. The demo scene for the alpine pack is so stunning I kept it as a sort of wallpaper for a while. I am currently using the desert biome for a game I'm making. The quality of Synty's materials/shaders are getting better for each new pack - this is sublime art.

Thanks, we appreciate the review and are glad to hear you are enjoying the packs!

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