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POLYGON - Arid Desert - Nature Biome

POLYGON - Arid Desert - Nature Biome

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Synty® Studios Presents: POLYGON - Arid Desert - Nature Biome 

Beneath the relentless sun, our 3D Low Poly Arid Desert biomes pack unfolds a tale of desolation and survival.

The landscape, dominated by rolling dunes of unyielding golden sand, stretches endlessly, a canvas of isolation. Vegetation clings desperately to life, their twisted forms casting long shadows in the relentless heat. The sun-bleached colour palette captures the harsh beauty of a world forgotten by rain.

With meticulous detailing in environment materials, textures, FX and props, this asset pack allows you to weave a game narrative of solitude and survival in this unforgiving, arid desert.

Nature Biomes Packs: 


Individual Asset Packs: 

 *Contents may vary between engines. 

📦 Pack Content

A comprehensive demo scene illustrating how to make the most out of the assets contained in this pack!

◼ Environment (x113) ◼
Background hills, bushes, cactus, craters, dirt roads, ground cover, lava rivers, lava spread, pool water and plane, rocks, cliffs, pebbles, succulents, sulphur blob and pools, dead trees, bridges, tumble weed

◼ Props (x23) ◼
Artefact, bones, hoses, beacon, pipe, satellite, signs, solar panels, survey level, tent, turbines

◼ FX (16) ◼
Ash, dust blowing, dust spots, electricity, flies, fog, lava ember, smoke cloud, smoke large, sulphur bubbles, sulphur smoke, sunray, tumble weed, vultures, wind streaks

🤖 Technical Info

View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Unity Render Pipeline Support:

  • Standard
  • URP

- Compatible with Unity 2021.3+
- Compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25+

 File Formats
- Unity 2021.3 Project
- Unreal Engine 4.25 Project
- FBX Source Files

📋 Changelog

1.3.0 (Unity)
- Added world/local space switch for the frosting effect in the vegetation shader

1.2.0 (Unity)
- Various fixes to the URP Extract Me

- Fixed issues with 2022 URP
- Added support for 2021 URP
- Fixed issue with project structure (Unreal)

1.0.0 - Initial release

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