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POLYGON - Swamp Marshland - Nature Biome

POLYGON - Swamp Marshland - Nature Biome

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5 seats per copy - Licence


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Synty Studios™ presents:  POLYGON - Swamp Marshland - Nature Biome

Once upon a time, this was a beautiful landscape. But something nefarious soon moved in, which caused the plants to rot and decay. This once mystical land became a forested wetland, with creatures hidden between and beneath.

POLYGON - Swamp Marshland consists of a large body of water that breaks off into walkable paths with some hidden secrets. Take a walk on the wild side; we dare you.

Want to add an a layer of diabolical to your game?

We recommend combining POLYGON - Swamp Marshland with:



Environment (x60): 
Swamp trees, mangrove trees, reeds, lilly pads, swamp scum, moss, brambles, toetoe bushes, logs, tree roots. Each come with LODs

Buildings (x16)
Shack, outhouse, modular jetty

Props (x50): 
Effigies, Bones, Wreckage, Tombstones, sewer pipes, barrels, fences

Terrain Materials (x7): 
Grass, mud, bones, moss, rock

Vehicles (x2): 
Canoe, Airboat

Particles (x16): 
Bats, cranes, dragonflies, dust, fire, flies, fog, frogs, leaves, sub beam, swamp bubbles, water ripples. 


- View our tutorial on converting to the Universal Render Pipeline.
- Compatible with Unity 2020.3+
- Compatible with Unreal 4.25+

◼ Licence ◼

The following custom licence applies to this asset in addition to the Synty Store License Agreement.

END USER will be prohibited from using the asset license for the following products:

  • Creation of Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT) and/or use in Blockchain based projects or products.
  • Creation of content for Metaverse-related and/or game creation software and products.
  • 3D printing for commercial use.

 ***Contents may vary between engines. 

Change Log

- Fixed issue with URP Shader
- Fixed issues with source files

- General bug fixes

v1.04 - Fixed shader issues in URP (Unity)

v1.03 - General bug fixes (Unity)

v1.02 (Unity)
- Fixed FX material issues when converting to URP.
- Fixed missing textures in source files.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Chris Osborne
Fantastic Pack

This pack delivers the professional quality that you would expect from a Synty product. Seeing as it is listed as fully compatible with Unity, and nothing else being listed as of yet, it is completely silly to give a poor review because it does not work on a platform that it was not designed to be used on. 5/5 all the way when properly used by the user. Great job Synty team.

Thanks for the review. Glad to hear you are enjoying the asset!

Not easy for Non-Unity

Earlier synty packs could be used in other engines relatively easily. The new biome is based on its own logic and has many Unity features that make it difficult to use directly in Vulkan. For example: The model SM_Env_Tree_Samp_01.fbx contains 7 meshes for 4 LOD levels. The trunk and the leaves are not two separate meshes as in previous packages, but only ONE mesh. the vertex-color-blue controls whether a vertex is a leaf or a trunk (SyntyStudios_VegitationShader.shader, line 299).

Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

Xavier Deschenes
Total Garbage

I bought this pack a few weeks back to use with unreal engine and since I am an experienced video games developper thought I would just relink the textures easily in Blender but the way the assets are made and the sourcefiles are un-organised and misnamed makes almost more painful than modeling them myself. I sent the seller an email asking what was the ETA to release in unreal and also asked them if their textures could at least be named and sorted properly and got no answer. Then a week ago i recieved a notification like there was an update. At least they sorted a bit their stuff, but the FBX files and material applied dont have proper name and path to the texture file still points to some cloud folder named Jason..

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. If you have issues that need to be addressed, send as much info as you can to and I'll look in to them further.

As for the Unreal version, this is almost complete on our end and shouldn't be much longer before it goes out.

Edit: This has now been released in beta for Unreal Engine. Please let us know if you come across any issues by emailing and we will get them fixed up asap.

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